Mission Room Fundraiser

About Mission Room Fundraiser

FPAC and The Hook opened the Mission Room performance space in May of 2019. Since opening, the Mission Room has hosted in excess of 600 artists, leaders, and community builders specializing in: visual and performing arts, theater arts, literary arts, multi-media arts, comedy, dance and every conceivable genre of musical performance by artists of every experience level.

As a multi-functional space, the Mission Room also hosts lecturers, book discussions, record and book release parties, media fairs, memorials/tributes, and a consistently growing number of community fabric building cultural events.

With your support, imagine what the future can hold for the Mission Room.

On behalf of the Firehouse Performing Arts Center and The Hook and Ladder organization, we have started our very first Capital Campaign to help recover the expenses related to the build-out, a debt of nearly $40,000, and to enhance programing in support of this vital community space.

Thanks again for your past support and your thoughtful consideration of the future.